Titles pop music quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed Song Titles quiz6.92
Animal Song Titles I6.91
Animal Song Titles II6.23
Animal Song Titles III5.40
Animal Song Titles IV5.11
Baby & Babe Song Titles I5.78
Baby & Babe Song Titles II4.43
Baby & Babe Song Titles III3.91
Body Parts Titles I7.99
Body Parts Titles II7.10
Body Parts Titles III6.75
Cities in Song Titles I7.45
Cities in Song Titles II6.31
Cities in Song Titles III5.13
Clothing Song Titles7.34
Color Song Titles I8.53
Color Song Titles II7.49
Color Song Titles III6.34
Color Song Titles IV5.89
Common Title Words I7.15
Common Title Words II6.61
Common Title Words III6.63
Common Title Words IV6.19
Common Title Words V5.92
Common Title Words VI5.89
Common Title Words VII5.94
Common Title Words VIII4.95
Countries in Song Titles6.83
Dance Song Titles6.33
Day of the Week Songs6.61
Family Member Titles I7.66
Family Member Titles II6.28
Family Member Titles III5.23
Famous People Titles5.19
Instrument Song Titles6.46
Men Names Song Titles6.00
Military Rank & Song or Artist6.84
Missing Jobs & Song Titles I7.89
Missing Jobs & Song Titles II6.40
Missing Jobs & Song Titles III4.99
Month & Year Song Titles5.27
Music Genres & Song Titles I8.31
Music Genres & Song Titles II7.74
Avg. scores
Music Genres & Song Titles III7.69
Music Genres & Song Titles IV6.13
Nationalities in Song Titles6.59
Non-English Titles I7.04
Non-English Titles II5.01
Numbers Song Titles6.43
Places Song Titles I7.15
Places Song Titles II6.33
Road & Street Song Titles I7.30
Road & Street Song Titles II5.08
Road & Street Song Titles III4.20
Rock & Roll Song Titles I6.69
Rock & Roll Song Titles II5.13
Rock & Roll Song Titles III4.54
Rock & Roll Song Titles IV3.42
Season Song Titles6.93
The Word Boy in Titles I5.34
The Word Boy in Titles II3.69
The Word Girl in Titles I7.36
The Word Girl in Titles II5.17
The Word Girl in Titles III4.35
The Word Girl in Titles IV4.03
The Word Lady in Titles5.64
The Word Man in Titles I7.16
The Word Man in Titles II5.08
The Word Man in Titles III3.63
The Word Woman in Titles I6.69
The Word Woman in Titles II3.80
Titles & Missing Numbers I8.10
Titles & Missing Numbers II7.74
Titles & Missing Numbers III6.73
Titles & Missing Numbers IV5.25
Titles & Missing Numbers V5.18
Titles & Missing Numbers VI4.68
Titles & Missing Numbers VII4.15
US States in Song Titles7.15
Women Names Song Titles I6.26
Women Names Song Titles II5.44
Wrong Song Titles I6.97
Wrong Song Titles II6.37
Wrong Song Titles III5.39