General pop music quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed General pop music quiz4.87
American Idol4.92
Backup Band & Musician I8.73
Backup Band & Musician II7.63
Backup Band & Musician III6.22
Band Name Origins I6.88
Band Name Origins II5.29
Bands & Home Cities I5.96
Bands & Home Cities II5.41
Bands & Home Cities III4.29
Bands & Shared Rock Stars I7.40
Bands & Shared Rock Stars II5.91
Birth Names & Rappers I6.32
Birth Names & Rappers II3.99
Britpop Songs & Bands I6.80
Britpop Songs & Bands II5.77
Causes of Death I7.26
Causes of Death II5.59
Causes of Death III4.15
Christmas Lyrics6.96
Christmas Songs5.28
Compact Discs Facts5.17
Cover Songs & Remakes I7.43
Cover Songs & Remakes II6.42
Cover Songs & Remakes III6.26
Cover Songs & Remakes IV6.00
Cover Songs & Remakes V5.05
Cover Songs & Remakes VI4.54
Death Dates & Pop Stars I5.33
Death Dates & Pop Stars II4.24
Death Dates & Pop Stars III3.66
Death of Popstars I7.17
Death of Popstars II5.58
Death of Popstars III4.38
Duplicate Song Titles I5.88
Duplicate Song Titles II5.56
Duplicate Song Titles III4.66
Duplicate Song Titles IV4.92
Duplicate Song Titles V4.65
Duplicate Song Titles VI4.36
Duplicate Song Titles VII4.52
ESC Acts & Countries 1956-19845.54
ESC Acts & Countries 1985-20146.25
Eurovision 2015-20196.97
Eurovision Acts 1956-19845.35
Eurovision Acts 1985-20145.56
Eurovision Countries 1956-19844.68
Eurovision Countries 1985-20145.34
Eurovision Song Contest Facts6.67
Eurovision Songs 1956-19845.46
Eurovision Songs 1985-20145.80
Famous Eurovision Participants4.48
Famous Music Executives5.09
Famous Music Managers5.40
Famous Music Producers I5.39
Famous Music Producers II4.49
Famous Music Producers III4.02
Famous Record Labels I6.08
Famous Record Labels II5.47
First Names & Sibling Bands6.85
Former Band Names4.64
Former Beatles Member Hits I7.55
Former Beatles Member Hits II5.99
Former Beatles Member Hits III5.03
Grammy Awards 1960s3.50
Grammy Awards 1970s4.10
Grammy Awards 1980s3.77
Grammy Awards 1990s3.94
Grammy Awards 2000s3.24
Grammy Awards 2010-20134.00
Grammy Awards 2014-20184.42
Hair Rock I7.67
Hair Rock II7.27
Hair Rock III6.22
Instrumentals & Artists I5.53
Instrumentals & Artists II5.57
Instrumentals & Artists III4.77
Lyrics & Man Song Title I6.94
Lyrics & Man Song Title II6.01
Lyrics & Oscar Winning Songs7.15
Avg. scores
Lyrics & Woman Song Title I7.25
Lyrics & Woman Song Title II5.96
Lyrics & Woman Song Title III5.37
Missing Words & Band Names I8.04
Missing Words & Band Names II5.71
Missing Words & Band Names III5.28
Motown Songs & Artists I8.11
Motown Songs & Artists II6.46
Music Fan Base Nicknames5.65
Music Video Cameos I5.39
Music Video Cameos II4.32
Music Video Cameos III4.04
Music Video Cameos IV3.69
Musician & Backup Band I9.09
Musician & Backup Band II7.97
Musician & Backup Band III6.24
Musicians & Family Members I7.61
Musicians & Family Members II4.90
Musicians & Nicknames I7.99
Musicians & Nicknames II6.23
Musicians & Real Names I6.29
Musicians & Real Names II6.03
Musicians & Real Names III4.50
Names In Lyrics I5.75
Names In Lyrics II5.04
Names In Lyrics III5.09
Nicknames & Musicians I7.93
Nicknames & Musicians II6.04
Number of Boy Band Members5.62
Number of Girl Group Members4.99
Pick the Double Album5.20
Pop Acts Sharing Names I9.19
Pop Acts Sharing Names II8.27
Pop Acts Sharing Names III8.06
Pop Acts Sharing Names IV7.57
Pop Acts Sharing Names V6.62
Pop Acts Sharing Names VI6.43
Pop Idol X-Factor UK6.30
Pop Stars & Death Dates I4.53
Pop Stars & Death Dates II3.87
Pop Stars & Death Dates III3.56
Popstar & Instrument I7.76
Popstar & Instrument II6.73
Popstar & Instrument III6.61
Popstar & Instrument IV6.34
Popstar & Instrument IX4.40
Popstar & Instrument V5.29
Popstar & Instrument VI4.61
Popstar & Instrument VII4.62
Popstar & Instrument VIII4.40
Punk Songs & Bands I6.46
Punk Songs & Bands II5.30
Rappers & Birth Names I6.24
Rappers & Birth Names II4.32
Real Names & Famous DJs3.81
Real Names & Musicians I5.99
Real Names & Musicians II6.47
Real Names & Musicians III4.70
Repeated Words in Band Names5.36
Set of Names & Songs I6.48
Set of Names & Songs II6.04
Set of Names & Songs III4.88
Sibling Bands & First Names6.82
Siblings in Bands5.17
Songs & Songwriters I5.35
Songs & Songwriters II5.06
Songs & Songwriters III5.00
Songs & Songwriters IV4.77
Songs & Songwriters V4.76
Songs & Songwriters VI4.87
Songs & Songwriters VII4.59
Songs & Songwriters VIII3.94
Songs About Money I6.01
Songs About Money II3.76
Specific Time & Song Lyrics I7.04
Specific Time & Song Lyrics II5.48
Stock Aitken & Waterman I7.57
Stock Aitken & Waterman II5.64
Vinyl Records Facts7.42