General miscellaneous quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed Miscellaneous quiz5.72
Awards & Categories6.02
Car Brands & Countries I8.15
Car Brands & Countries II7.01
Car Brands & Countries III5.67
Car Makes & Models I8.11
Car Makes & Models II7.33
Car Makes & Models III7.00
Car Makes & Models IV7.90
Car Makes & Models V6.65
Car Makes & Models VI6.85
Car Makes & Models VII6.37
Car Makes & Models VIII5.80
Cartoon Characters & Creators5.01
Color Shade Names & Colors7.96
Companies & Headquarters I6.09
Companies & Headquarters II4.96
Company Name Abbreviations6.08
Date & Zodiac Sign7.82
Dates & US Holidays7.80
Described Fictional Servants6.23
Description & Fashion Designer6.80
Descriptions & Board Games I7.42
Descriptions & Board Games II6.43
English & Latin Phrases I8.70
English & Latin Phrases II8.98
English & Latin Phrases III9.11
English & Latin Phrases IV8.27
English & Latin Phrases V8.04
English & Latin Phrases VI7.76
English & Latin Words I8.09
English & Latin Words II8.67
English & Latin Words III7.35
English & Latin Words IV6.85
Euro Banknotes Pictures5.81
Euro Coins & Countries I5.44
Euro Coins & Countries II5.14
Euro Coins & Countries III4.30
Famous Duos & First Names6.92
Famous Duos & Last Names6.41
Famous Festivals & Locations4.26
Famous Names & Cities I8.44
Famous Names & Cities II6.87
Famous Names & Countries5.33
Famous Names & US States6.46
Famous Trios & Members6.87
Fictional Characters & Food7.09
Fictional Dogs & Breeds6.74
Fictional Dogs & Owners7.65
Fictional Languages & Media5.51
Fictional Primates6.13
Fictional Servants Described6.57
Food & Fictional Characters6.84
Founders & Organizations5.03
Games & Quantities I4.76
Games & Quantities II4.14
Jazz Musicians & Instruments6.26
Languages & Yes No Maybe I5.60
Languages & Yes No Maybe II4.56
Latin Phrases & English I8.81
Latin Phrases & English II8.67
Latin Phrases & English III8.79
Latin Phrases & English IV8.21
Latin Phrases & English V8.06
Latin Phrases & English VI7.39
Latin Words & English I7.79
Latin Words & English II8.26
Latin Words & English III7.24
Avg. scores
Latin Words & English IV6.46
Least Number of Dollar Coins8.29
Least Number of Dollar Notes7.01
Least Number of Euro Coins7.57
Least Number of Euro Notes7.09
Logos & Animal Species6.63
Media & Fictional Languages5.79
Members & Famous Trios6.98
Models & Birth Countries I6.57
Models & Birth Countries II5.79
Models & Birth Countries III4.61
Models & Birth Countries IV4.89
Models & Birth Countries V4.76
Models & Birth Countries VI4.55
Models & Car Makes I8.09
Models & Car Makes II6.92
Models & Car Makes III6.72
Models & Car Makes IV7.80
Models & Car Makes V6.78
Models & Car Makes VI6.55
Models & Car Makes VII6.56
Models & Car Makes VIII5.66
Monopoly Game Facts5.31
Monopoly UK Version Properties6.51
Monopoly US Version Properties5.95
National Anthems Facts5.66
Numbers & Languages I5.79
Numbers & Languages II6.31
Numbers & Languages III6.10
Numbers & Languages IV6.65
Numbers & Languages V6.05
Numbers & Languages VI6.56
Numbers & Languages VII5.99
Organizations & Founders4.87
Organizations & Headquarters4.56
Owners & Fictional Dogs7.44
People with the Same Name6.58
Pics of Architecture Parts I8.42
Pics of Architecture Parts II7.36
Pics of Architecture Parts III5.84
Pics of White House Guests I9.08
Pics of White House Guests II7.68
Pictures of Audio & TV Cables6.56
Pictures of Garden Tools8.82
Pictures of Hand Tools I9.28
Pictures of Hand Tools II8.73
Pictures of Hand Tools III7.84
Pictures of Headgear I8.84
Pictures of Headgear II6.86
Pictures of Headgear III4.88
Spouses & Celebrities I8.43
Spouses & Celebrities II7.66
Spouses & Celebrities III6.84
Symbols on Devices I8.93
Symbols on Devices II7.33
US Banknotes & Features6.78
US Coins & Features8.19
US Dollar Pictures6.54
US Holidays & Dates7.57
Word & Wikipedia Language I7.09
Word & Wikipedia Language II6.11
Word & Wikipedia Language III4.98
Yes No Maybe & Languages I5.33
Yes No Maybe & Languages II4.77
Zodiac Sign & Date7.84
Zodiac Sign Symbols6.34