General movie quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed General Movie quiz5.23
Acting Family Members I8.19
Acting Family Members II8.05
Acting Family Members III6.02
Action Hero Movie & Actor I8.69
Action Hero Movie & Actor II8.37
Action Hero Movie & Actor III7.77
Action Hero Movie & Actor IV7.31
Action Hero Movie & Actor IX5.70
Action Hero Movie & Actor V7.13
Action Hero Movie & Actor VI7.10
Action Hero Movie & Actor VII6.87
Action Hero Movie & Actor VIII6.15
Action Hero Movie & Actor X5.81
Action Hero Movie & Actor XI5.13
Action Hero Movie & Actor XII5.09
Action Hero Movie & Actress I8.07
Action Hero Movie & Actress II6.02
Actors & Bond Villains6.04
Actors & Harry Potter Roles7.33
Actresses & Bond Girls6.39
Alfred Hitchcock Movies I6.73
Alfred Hitchcock Movies II5.57
Alien Movies 1979-19976.95
Alter Ego & Superhero I8.13
Alter Ego & Superhero II6.52
Animals in Movies I8.80
Animals in Movies II6.59
Athletes Turned Actors7.31
Back To The Future Trilogy8.07
Batman movies (1989-2008) I7.70
Batman movies (1989-2008) II7.04
Birth Countries & Actors I8.27
Birth Countries & Actors II8.02
Birth Countries & Actors III7.56
Birth Countries & Actors IV6.99
Birth Countries & Actors V6.58
Birth Countries & Actors VI7.07
Birth Countries & Actors VII6.51
Birth Countries & Actors VIII6.22
Bond Girls5.57
Bond Girls & Actresses6.80
Bond Songs5.61
Bond Villains6.21
Bond Villains & Actors6.83
Charlie Chaplin Movies6.11
Die Hard Movies 1988-20136.98
Disney & Pixar Film Plots I9.03
Disney & Pixar Film Plots II8.30
Disney & Pixar settings6.76
Disney & Pixar taglines I7.92
Disney & Pixar taglines II7.66
Disney & Pixar years4.51
Disney Animals I7.14
Disney Animals II6.55
Fictional Bands & Movies4.57
Fictional Cities & Movies7.07
Fictional Companies & Movies6.37
Fictional Country & Movie I5.56
Fictional Country & Movie II3.71
Fictional Planets & Movies6.35
Fictional Schools & Movies5.70
Grease The Movie7.62
Harry Potter Movies I8.86
Harry Potter Movies II9.21
Harry Potter Movies III8.68
Harry Potter Roles & Actors7.56
Indiana Jones Films 1981-20087.20
James Bond I7.17
James Bond II6.89
James Bond III5.69
James Bond Movie 2006-2015 I7.32
James Bond Movie 2006-2015 II5.89
James Bond Quotes I6.04
James Bond Quotes II6.70
James Bond Quotes III6.09
James Bond Taglines4.38
Jason Bourne Movies 2002-20126.05
John Grisham Movies6.02
Locations & James Bond Movie6.09
Love Interests & Superheroes5.65
Mamma Mia! Movies 2008-20187.11
Monty Python Movies7.22
Movie Character & Country6.17
Movie Prequels7.56
Movie Presidents6.04
Movie Remakes I6.79
Movie Remakes II6.00
Movie Robot Names6.21
Movie Sequels I7.36
Avg. scores
Movie Sequels II7.36
Movie Stars & Birth Years I4.93
Movie Stars & Birth Years II5.43
Movie Stars & Birth Years III5.35
Movie Stars & Birth Years IV5.23
Movie Stars & Birth Years V4.65
Movie Stars & Birth Years VI4.68
Movie Stars & Birth Years VII4.40
Movie Stars & Birth Years VIII3.96
Movie Stars & Real Names I6.39
Movie Stars & Real Names II4.46
Movies & Fictional Cities7.02
Movies & Fictional Planets6.46
Movies & Friends Actors I6.20
Movies & Friends Actors II4.21
Movies & Narrator Actors I7.11
Movies & Narrator Actors II4.33
Movies & Year I5.86
Movies & Year II5.74
Movies & Year III5.65
Movies & Year IV5.56
Movies & Year V5.40
Movies & Year VI4.90
Movies Inspired By Video Games6.30
Muppet Movies Guest Actors4.31
Music Biopics6.44
Name the Disney Character I8.43
Name the Disney Character II7.25
Name the Disney Character III7.64
Name the Disney Character IV6.57
Name the Disney Character IX5.64
Name the Disney Character V6.38
Name the Disney Character VI6.53
Name the Disney Character VII6.12
Name the Disney Character VIII5.78
Name the Pixar Character I8.32
Name the Pixar Character II7.59
Name the Pixar Character III6.94
Oldest in Movie Series5.62
Pixar Film & Famous Voice I5.55
Pixar Film & Famous Voice II4.16
Pixar Film & Famous Voice III3.85
Plot & James Bond Movie6.90
Rambo Movies 1982-20195.86
Robert Langdon Films 2006-166.83
Rogue One A Star Wars Story7.45
Shakespeare Movies & Actors I6.17
Shakespeare Movies & Actors II4.63
Shrek Movies & Famous Voices5.16
Solo A Star Wars Story6.80
Sport Movies I8.36
Sport Movies II7.46
Sport Movies III6.33
Stanley Kubrick Movies6.35
Star Trek TNG Films 1994-20026.50
Star Trek TOS Films 1979-19917.98
Star Wars Actors & Roles7.02
Star Wars Original Trilogy I9.04
Star Wars Original Trilogy II7.54
Star Wars Planets & Moons7.95
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy8.77
Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker7.07
Star Wars Roles & Actors7.58
Star Wars Species7.52
Star Wars The Force Awakens7.98
Star Wars The Last Jedi8.00
Stephen King Movies7.04
Superhero & Alter Ego I8.38
Superhero & Alter Ego II6.54
Superhero Movie Stars7.87
Superheroes & Love Interests6.33
Superheroes & Villains7.00
Tarantino Films 1992-2019 I8.27
Tarantino Films 1992-2019 II6.53
The Blues Brothers 1980 Movie7.42
The Godfather Movie Trilogy7.92
The Hobbit Movie Trilogy7.66
The Hunger Games Movies7.87
The Incredibles Films 2004-188.00
The Jungle Book 1967 Movie7.74
The Lord Of The Rings8.47
The Wizard of Oz Movie8.47
Titanic The Movie6.73
Titles in Movie Series8.42
Twilight Saga Films 2008-20127.87
War Movie Settings I7.51
War Movie Settings II7.48
War Movie Settings III6.73