World geography quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed World quiz6.14
Basic World Geography Facts I6.89
Basic World Geography Facts II5.15
Bodies Of Water I6.81
Bodies Of Water II6.36
Bodies Of Water III5.27
Capes & Countries5.09
Capes & Locations6.30
Capitals & Countries I9.25
Capitals & Countries II8.83
Capitals & Countries III8.03
Capitals & Countries IV7.13
Capitals & Countries V6.42
Capitals & Countries VI6.04
Capitals & Countries VII5.48
Capitals & Facts4.81
Countries & Capitals I9.33
Countries & Capitals II9.07
Countries & Capitals III8.34
Countries & Capitals IV7.46
Countries & Capitals V6.73
Countries & Capitals VI6.44
Countries & Capitals VII5.83
Countries & Continents I8.83
Countries & Continents II8.97
Countries & Continents III8.84
Countries & Continents IV8.41
Countries & Continents V8.11
Countries & Continents VI7.59
Countries & Former Capitals5.78
Countries & Highest Mountains6.12
Countries & Rivers5.56
Description & Mountain Range6.88
Ex-Soviet Countries & Capitals7.60
Famous Bridges5.44
Famous Squares & Cities I7.03
Famous Squares & Cities II6.04
Former Capitals & Countries6.94
Highest Mountains & Countries6.01
Island & Country I8.02
Island & Country II8.20
Island & Country III7.18
Island & Country IV7.14
Island & Water I8.33
Island & Water II7.55
Island & Water III7.44
Island Group & Islands I7.11
Island Group & Islands II5.82
Islands & Island Group I7.25
Islands & Island Group II5.96
Islands on a Map I6.53
Islands on a Map II6.57
Islands on a Map III5.44
Lakes & Shoreline Countries6.23
Landmarks I7.88
Landmarks II7.07
Landmarks III5.80
Mountain Pictures5.97
Mountains on a Map6.66
Northernmost Cities World4.78
Old Regions6.45
Outflows & Rivers5.86
Avg. scores
Photo & Castle or Palace I5.80
Photo & Castle or Palace II5.20
Pick the City Location I6.48
Pick the City Location II6.20
Pick the City Location III6.31
Pick the City Location IV6.05
Pick the Country I8.49
Pick the Country II7.28
Pick the Country III6.89
Pick the Country IV6.61
Pick the Country V6.39
Pick the Landmark Location I5.77
Pick the Landmark Location II5.30
Pictures of City Squares5.98
Pictures of Fountains6.11
Rivers & Outflows5.74
Same Name City Pairs I7.01
Same Name City Pairs II6.01
Satellite Cities I6.06
Satellite Cities II6.35
Satellite Countries I8.73
Satellite Countries II7.76
Satellite Countries III7.15
Satellite Countries IV6.51
Satellite Islands I7.07
Satellite Islands II5.70
Satellite Lakes, Seas & Gulfs6.93
Shoreline Countries & Lakes6.50
Straits on a Map6.94
Tectonic Plates Maps7.80
Westernmost Cities World5.68
Wonders Of The World I7.47
Wonders Of The World II6.98
Wonders Of The World III5.30
World Capitals I8.36
World Capitals II7.85
World Cities & Rivers I6.60
World Cities & Rivers II5.26
World Cities & Seas I6.91
World Cities & Seas II6.38
World Cities At Night I7.35
World Cities At Night II6.06
World Cities I7.11
World Cities II6.96
World Countries I8.08
World Countries II7.01
World Countries III7.57
World Countries IV6.53
World Country Nicknames I7.06
World Country Nicknames II5.06
World Rivers6.25
World Rivers & Cities I6.26
World Rivers & Cities II5.48
World Shapes I7.73
World Shapes II6.65
World Shapes III6.53
World Shapes IV5.53
World Skylines I7.50
World Skylines II5.35