Flags geography quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed Flags quiz5.77
Descriptions & Flags I7.66
Descriptions & Flags II6.34
Descriptions & Flags III6.32
Descriptions & Flags IV6.13
Descriptions & Flags V6.50
Descriptions & Flags VI6.20
Descriptions & Flags VII6.19
Flag Symbols I6.62
Flag Symbols II5.74
Flag Symbols III5.43
Flag Symbols IV5.26
Flag Transformations I6.86
Flag Transformations II6.44
Flags & Background Colors7.17
Flags & Dominant Colors I7.66
Flags & Dominant Colors II6.78
Flags & Dominant Colors III5.75
Flags Africa Common Color I5.60
Flags Africa Common Color II5.50
Flags America Common Color I6.24
Flags America Common Color II5.78
Flags Asia Common Color I6.84
Flags Asia Common Color II6.98
Flags Europe Common Color I7.30
Flags Europe Common Color II7.40
Flags Oceania Common Color5.44
Former National Flags I6.18
Former National Flags II5.66
Pick The Flag I8.57
Pick The Flag II7.43
Avg. scores
Pick The Flag III6.68
Pick The Flag IV6.92
Pick The Flag V6.68
Pick The Flag VI6.97
Pick The Flag VII6.65
Pick The Flag VIII5.89
Pick the Flags of Two Colors6.98
Pick the Flags With Stars I6.72
Pick the Flags With Stars II6.14
Pick the Horizontal Flag I7.08
Pick the Horizontal Flag II6.57
Pick the Horizontal Flag III6.33
Pick the Vertical Flag6.34
Various Flag Questions I8.32
Various Flag Questions II7.64
Various Flag Questions III7.27
Various Flag Questions IV7.07
Various Flag Questions IX5.67
Various Flag Questions V6.18
Various Flag Questions VI6.25
Various Flag Questions VII6.42
Various Flag Questions VIII6.28
Various Flag Questions X5.85
Various Flag Questions XI5.64
Various Flag Questions XII4.61
World Flags I8.43
World Flags II7.13
World Flags III6.95
World Flags IV6.88