General geography quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed Geography Easy quiz5.78
Adjacent Cities5.32
Airlines I6.20
Airlines II4.27
Calling Code & Country I4.91
Calling Code & Country II3.89
Cities & Countries I8.93
Cities & Countries II7.85
Cities & Countries III7.17
Cities & Countries IV7.05
Cities & Countries V6.06
Cities Outside the Tropics6.70
Cities Within the Tropics7.39
Coat Of Arms I7.08
Coat Of Arms II6.52
Coat Of Arms III6.58
Coat Of Arms IV6.18
Coat Of Arms V6.44
Coat Of Arms VI6.53
Common Surnames & Country7.39
Countries & Cities I8.82
Countries & Cities II8.04
Countries & Cities III8.22
Countries & Cities IV7.88
Countries & Cities V7.27
Countries & Parallels5.75
Country & Calling Code I4.40
Country & Calling Code II4.17
Country & Equator Location I8.37
Country & Equator Location II7.74
Country & Language6.24
Country & Prime Meridian I8.54
Country & Prime Meridian II8.66
Country & Prime Meridian III8.05
Country License Plates I5.03
Country License Plates II4.65
Country License Plates III4.21
Country License Plates IV3.57
Country License Plates V3.43
Country Native Names7.26
Currencies I7.50
Currencies II6.11
Currencies III5.84
Currencies IV5.87
Famous Streets & Cities I6.53
Famous Streets & Cities II5.79
Avg. scores
Mixed Geography Hard quiz5.25
Famous Streets & Cities III5.42
ISO Code & Currency I8.61
ISO Code & Currency II8.40
ISO Code & Currency III9.25
ISO Code & Currency IV8.34
ISO Code & Currency V6.75
Landlocked Countries7.19
Language & Country6.42
Largest Countries I5.44
Largest Countries II4.71
Left Driving Countries6.47
License Plates Countries I7.73
License Plates Countries II7.83
License Plates Countries III7.40
License Plates Countries IV5.64
License Plates Countries V4.17
Local Language & Country Name6.55
Longitude & latitude I6.54
Longitude & latitude II7.42
Longitude & latitude III7.33
Longitude & latitude IV7.43
Longitude & latitude V7.20
Missing Border Countries I8.29
Missing Border Countries II7.72
Missing Border Countries III7.71
Missing Border Countries IV7.31
Missing Border Countries V7.03
Most Land Borders4.66
Mountains & Heights5.10
Names of Winds5.73
Native Country Names6.85
Sailing Direction & Country I5.15
Sailing Direction & Country II4.50
UN Heritage Site & Country I8.59
UN Heritage Site & Country II7.15
UN Heritage Site & Country III6.06
UN Heritage Site & Country IV5.88
UN Heritage Site & Country V4.87
UN Heritage Site & Country VI5.18
World Airport Codes7.85
World Airport Names I7.41
World Airport Names II6.89
World Airport Names III6.54
World Nearest Cities4.13