Sports miscellaneous quizzes

Avg. scores
Mixed Sports quiz7.01
Balls & Sports7.73
Baseball Teams & Cities9.10
Basic Chess Game Facts6.53
Cities & Baseball Teams9.29
Cities & NBA Teams8.89
Cities & NFL Teams9.26
Cities & NHL Teams8.75
City & Soccer Stadium I7.47
City & Soccer Stadium II5.54
Cyclists & Nationality I6.69
Cyclists & Nationality II6.46
Dart Board Scores7.58
Descriptions of Boxers6.36
Equipment Photos & Sports I9.08
Equipment Photos & Sports II8.42
European Soccer Clubs & Cities7.02
F1 Champions & Nationalities7.52
Female Tennis Pro & Country I6.88
Female Tennis Pro & Country II5.32
FIFA World Cup 20146.74
FIFA World Cup 20187.02
FIFA World Cup Hosts7.15
FIFA World Cup Runners-up6.44
FIFA World Cup Winners6.42
Golf Facts8.71
Idioms & Sports of Origin I8.46
Idioms & Sports of Origin II7.02
Male Tennis Pro & Country I7.31
Male Tennis Pro & Country II6.25
Map Summer Olympics & Year6.14
Men's Singles Tennis Wins5.43
Nat. Soccer Team & Nickname I7.30
Nat. Soccer Team & Nickname II5.62
NBA Teams & Cities8.91
NFL Teams & Cities9.23
NHL Teams & Cities8.74
Avg. scores
Nickname & Nat. Soccer Team I7.51
Nickname & Nat. Soccer Team II5.66
Photos of Sports I9.13
Photos of Sports II8.44
Photos of Sports III8.30
Photos of Sports IV7.75
Photos of Sports V6.61
Pictures of Sport Areas6.92
Pool Ball Numbers & Colors6.47
Soccer Stadium & City I7.54
Soccer Stadium & City II5.53
Sports & Quantities I5.81
Sports & Quantities II5.07
Summer Olympics & Years6.38
Teams & US Sports I8.98
Teams & US Sports II8.99
Teams & US Sports III8.67
Teams & US Sports IV8.54
Ten-pin Bowling Facts6.94
Terminology & Sports I9.18
Terminology & Sports II8.17
Terminology & Sports III7.02
Terminology & Sports IV6.00
Terminology & Sports V5.65
Terminology & Sports VI5.25
Tour de France Facts6.02
Tour de France Winners6.14
Trophies & Sports6.72
UEFA Euro 20166.74
UEFA Euro Cup Hosts5.18
UEFA Euro Cup Runners-up5.38
UEFA Euro Cup Winners5.89
Winter Olympics & Years5.29
Women's Singles Tennis Wins4.74
Years & Summer Olympics6.78
Years & Winter Olympics5.69